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about us

Canine Affinity was chosen as the business name as "affinity" means
"a close connection". I provide this with your dog whether being cared
for as part of the family at my house, or in helping you establish
a more effective human-dog connection in your own home with one-to-ones.


About myself,And experience

My degree (Bsc. Hons in Animal science & management) enabled me to investigate and understand all aspects of a dog's behaviour, psychology, genetics, anatomy and nutritionial needs. This included studies around Nature vs Nurture, and the very long history of Man and Dog working together in different ways. Such an insight enables me to see the innate nature of all dogs and breed speciality, and to understand the individual dog well, and so ensuring a tailored way of working with your dog.

Another "Affinity" is that walking and boarding includes socialisation with my own dogs (and one or two others at times), who are used to seeing new and old friends come and go, thus enhancing these two functions. Solo walks are used where this is not appropriate


TrainingAnd plans for the future

I offer one-to-one training of dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities within their home and with all family members present. I intend to reopen a puppy school to compliment this to help dogs, and their owners set some early standards and to aid socialisation.

We are fully insured, with a bespoke fitted medium sized van and, with 7 years of experience you can rest assured that both you, and your dog will get the best possible care from Canine Affinity.


Customer responsibility

All dogs must have up-to-date vacinations and anti-flea treatment

our Services

Walking, training, day, overnight and holiday care
We also offer one on one owner to dog training.


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